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BoxUnfolded utilized it’s internally developed platform to bring-to-life a grow automation system for Utilizing our smart-outlets we were able to control fans and pumps to automates the processes necessary for a greenhouse to be successful. We created a ‘Air Control’ sub-system which measured Relative Humidity, Light, Ambient Temperature, CO2, Wind Speed, Root Soil Temperature, Water Metering, Electrical Power Metering, VPD, PAR, and CWSI. With this information we were able to control the fans and pumps. 

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"Disrupting Desertifcation

We live in an era of climate change, soil erosion, droughts, population growth & diminishing resources.

Isabel's mission is to deploy the most cost effective & resource efficient greenhouse systems around the planet. We are creating a network of intelligent indoor farms that grow clean, local produce with 90% less water, twice as fast and all with 1/3 the carbon footprint.

Diversifying the Culinary Palette

Isabel wants to collaborate with bay area chefs by bringing fresh produce to your table grown right here in san francisco. Isabel's "just-in-time farming" platform grants both professional and home chefs a unique ability to have globally-sourced, heirloom varieties custom grown-to-order. 

From bangkok to Bolinas, 
We will grow the most delicious, 
with the least amount of resources."

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