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MetaSensor - Sensor 1

BoxUnfolded was responsible for the Hardware Architecture, Component Selection, Circuit Design, PCB Layout, PCB fabrication and assembly project management, Low-Level Firmware, and motion-sensing algorithms. Furthermore BoxUnfolded came up with the protocol used for Sensor-1 to communicate with the iOS and Android apps. BoxUnfolded used it’s expertise in Bluetooth LE to achieve one who year on a coin-cell battery.

More about Sensor-1 from Metasensor -

"Sensor-1, is a portable security system that fits in the palm of your hand and communicates with iOS and Android devices, as well as the Internet (to further expand communication abilities). It also has an API to enable communication with a variety of long-range protocols (such as GSM), which allows the user to receive alarm notifications over much longer distances. Placing an armed Sensor-1 on anything that needs protection allows the user to know immediately if the item moves."